Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Sheriff

SSRT – Sheriff’s Special Response Team

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Preserving Life and Property During Critical Operations

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SSRT) is our elite specialized tactical unit. The mission of Randolph County SSRT is the preservation of life and property during high-risk incidents and critical operations. In addition to serving high-risk warrants, Randolph County SSRT is called upon to respond when a call arrives for incidents involving a hostage, active shooter, barricaded suspect, sniper, riot, large-scale disturbance, suspected acts of terrorism, and other situations that may require resources beyond the limits of our patrol division.

Specialized Training and Equipment

Randolph County SSRT members are selected through a competitive process and are required to complete basic and advanced SWAT training. In addition, SSRT team members receive additional specialized training including concentrated instruction in marksmanship, countersurveillance, chemical agent and diversionary device deployment, movement and search techniques, breaching, tactical operations in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) environments, hostage rescue, rappelling, and specialty impact munitions. SSRT members include our trained waterborne operations team with a dive element that can perform underwater operations as needed, as well as our trained marksmen and observers who must complete ongoing specialized training to ensure their skills remain of the highest caliber. To accomplish their mission with speed, accuracy, and safety, Randolph County SSRT is equipped with the best military-grade and specialized equipment available.

Always Ready.

Randolph County SSRT members dedicate a significant amount of their personal time to maintain constant readiness. The team is fully committed to our mission and strives for constant improvement in skills and performance ability to help ensure exceptional results for every assignment, every time. As a regional law enforcement resource, the Randolph County SSRT unit has been honored to have been called upon to assist and conduct operations on behalf of other agencies through mutual aid requests.

The Team is always ready.

Because emergencies and critical incidents respect no limits, SSRT members are on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.