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Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Sheriff

Meet Your Sheriff

Robert R. Elbon, Jr.

Sheriff of Randolph County, WV

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office would like to invite you to learn more about Robert R. Elbon, Jr., the Sheriff of Randolph County, West Virginia. As Sheriff, Rob Elbon truly cares about the people he serves. He has dedicated his entire life and professional career to serving the public – especially the people of Randolph County. He has passionately protected and pursued advancing the interests of the citizens of Randolph County for most of his life. He is highly qualified, a principled leader – and dedicated to his role in taking back Randolph County.

About Rob

Since 1978, Rob Elbon has spent his entire life serving the people of Randolph County. As a Firefighter, he served with the Tygart Valley Fire Company and Elkins Fire Department, where he worked to save lives and property. He then held numerous law enforcement positions to promote and uphold public safety, including serving as a Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Federal Court Security Officer with the U.S. Marshal Service, Intermittent Deputy U.S. Marshal, and most recently, as Magistrate for Randolph County – a position from which he resigned to pursue a more active role in keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe.

Rob’s Priorities as Sheriff

Rob Elbon is a dedicated lifelong public servant with an extensive law enforcement background. He has pledged to take on the epidemic of crime, drug abuse, and homelessness in Randolph County, WV. As a passionate advocate for justice, Sheriff Elbon’s ideals include making Randolph County safer through education and the active promotion of public safety by bringing service back to the people of Randolph County.

Rob’s Areas of Focus Include:

-Enhancing Safety

-Pursuing Drug Traffickers

-Addressing Homelessness

-Promoting Education

-A Deputy in Every School

-D.A.R.E. Program

-24-Hour Protection

Professional Career Biography

Robert R. Elbon, Jr. currently serves as Sheriff of Randolph County, West Virginia. He has the experience and values the people of Randolph County require and deserve in their Sheriff. He is exceptionally well-qualified to protect our local individuals, families, and businesses.

Service in Firemanship (Firefighting)

From the age of 14 onward, Robert R. Elbon, Jr. has pursued his life’s work as a champion for public safety. In 1978, he was the youngest person in West Virginia to pass the state Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) course. Although his E.M.T Certification was denied because he was not yet above the legal age of consent, he did not allow that to stop him. In 1979, young Elbon joined Tygart Valley Fire Company in Dailey as a Junior Member, where he worked to complete multiple professional trainings and certifications as a firefighter through The West Virginia University Fire Service Extension Office in Firemanship Training, including:

-Firemanship Training 1

-Firemanship Training 2

-Auto Extrication

-Hazmat Training

2006 – 2008

Robert returned to serve with the Elkins Fire Department and was a member until 2008.

Service in Security, Legal Document Execution, and Corrections

1984 – 1995

In 1984, Robert was hired by Sheriff John C. Arbogast as a Part-time Bailiff and Process Server for Randolph County. Then, he passed the test for Corrections Officer and was hired to work in the Randolph County Jail. During this time, he chose to further his education in the field and matriculated at West Virginia Corrections Academy, where he graduated in 1985. In 1986, he was promoted to Chief Corrections Officer at the Randolph County Jail. His duties during his tenure as Bailiff, Process Server, and Corrections Officer variously included:

-Maintaining Order and Providing Security in the Court

-Enforcing the Rules of the Court

-Guarding Members of the Jury

-Opening and Closing the Court

-Filing Court Documents

-Delivering (“serving”) Official Legal Documents to Individuals Involved in Court Cases

-Maintaining Order and Security in the Jail

-Enforcing the Rules of the Jail

-Confiscating Contraband (weapons, drugs, etc.) from Inmates

-Settling Inmate Disputes and Enforcing Discipline

United States Marshal Service – Intermittent Deputy United States Marshal

1988 – 1995
In 1988, Robert began working part-time for the United States Marshal Service as an Intermittent Deputy United States Marshal, where his duties included transporting prisoners and working in Federal Court. He was also responsible for serving warrants across the entire United States District Court’s Northern District of West Virginia.

Service as a Deputy Sheriff for Randolph County

1995 – 2004

In 1995, Robert left his work with Corrections and the U.S. Marshal Service when he was hired as a Deputy Sheriff for Randolph County. He went on to further his education and training in law enforcement at the West Virginia State Police Academy, where he graduated 3rd in his Class in 1996. During his time at the Police Academy, he acquired educational credits through Marshall University, as well as numerous skills, certifications, and valuable experiences in law enforcement, including:

1998 – Advanced Auto Crash Investigation Certification

1998 – Highway Crash Reconstructionist Certification (through the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida)

2003 – Involved in the “Montrose Shootout” (a 13-hour stand-off where four officers were shot trying to execute warrants on Scott Ennis, a wanted individual who had attempted to kill an officer in Upshur County the day before. Robert risked his life by driving a firetruck directly into the active shooter situation. He used the truck as a shield so that he and other officers could bring out 2 wounded officers for transport to the Hospital.

United States Marshal Service – Federal Court Security Officer

In 2004, Robert retired from the Sheriff’s Office with more than 20 years of overall lifetime service. He then began working for the United States Marshal Service as a Court Security Officer protecting Judge Maxwell and other Federal Judges who held court in Elkins at the Jennings Randolph Federal Center. This position involved using surveillance, as well as advanced protective equipment and techniques to safeguard members of the judiciary during all phases of court proceedings.

Judicial Service – Randolph County Magistrate

In 2008, Robert ran for the Randolph County Magistrate position. He won the Spring Primary and finished 2nd overall in the November General Election. Then, in December of 2008 Robert was appointed to fill Magistrate Rick George’s term (George medically retired earlier in the year). In 2009, Robert began serving his 1st term as Magistrate for Randolph County. In 2013, he was elected to his 2nd term as Randolph County Magistrate and filed to run for his 3rd term as Randolph County Magistrate in 2016. During his nearly 12 years as Magistrate, Rob has heard thousands of Civil, Misdemeanor, and Felony Criminal cases. In addition, he processed thousands of in-person arraignments and more than 750 video arraignments at the jail while in office.

Personal Biography

Raised in Randolph County, Robert is a lifelong West Virginian. He grew up learning the value of hard work, public service, and community-friendly values. Rob and wife of 18 years, Katina, have 6 children and two grandchildren.

Community Involvement

The Elbons support the community by hosting fundraisers, auctions, and cake walks to assist local residents who have been involved in tragic accidents or other unfortunate life-changing events/circumstances. In addition to assemblies, the Elbons donate supplies such as reading books and folders to grade schools throughout Randolph County.

Worship with Rob

Rob walks his journey of Faith daily and through attendance at Summit Church in Elkins, where he enjoys playing drums with the Worship Team. Rob invites you to join him, his family, and the congregation in fellowship and praise.

Summit Church

49 Martin St, Elkins, WV 26241



Contact Sheriff Rob Elbon

As an active and engaged leader, Sheriff Rob Elbon would like to encourage all community members to get involved, provide input, and take action. You can get updates, connect with other concerned citizens, and message him on the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page. If you would like to speak with Sheriff Elbon by phone, please call: (304) 636-2111.