Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Sheriff

K-9 Unit

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Our Specialized Patrol Dog Officers

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit is our specialized patrol dog unit. Our K-9 Deputy, Hacker, has been trained to assist our Law Enforcement Division with all phases of patrol work and daily tasks, including:

Narcotics Detection

Suspect Tracking, Locating, and Apprehension

Tracking Lost Individuals

Handler Defense

Evidence Location and Collection

Warrants and Property Searches

Locating Fugitives

K-9 Deputy Hacker is well-trained to track suspects and fugitives, as well as individuals who may have simply become lost. As a special deputy, K-9 Hacker also assists with locating evidence that may be concealed, located in difficult-to-access areas, and items of interest that may have been discarded by a suspect.

Narcotics Detection

As a narcotics detection specialist, K-9 Deputy Hacker has received extensive training to detect the presence of illicit substances. He is able to locate and indicate to his handler the presence of narcotics in and around vehicles, as well as various types of packaging, enclosures, and objects. Our narcotics detection canine is able to identify and detect the unique scent profiles of various illegal substances and can be trained to locate new substances as required.

Meet K-9 Deputy Hacker

Our Special Canine Officer

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit currently consists of “Hacker,” a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. K-9 Hacker joined the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division after receiving extensive, specialized officer training with K-9 Working Dogs International, LLC. He continues to hone his skills with ongoing training to meet the unique service needs of our force. Our canine deputy re-certifies annually to remain proficient in detecting illegal substances as part of the ever-changing war on drugs.


K-9 Deputy Sheriff
Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

A Dedicated Law Enforcement Partnership

Serving the Mountain Regional Drug Task Force

While on duty, K-9 Deputy Hacker proudly serves and protects the citizens of Randolph County, as well as Barbour County, Upshur County, WV, and beyond. K-9 Hacker and his Handler/Partner Deputy Smith reside in Randolph County. Together, these dedicated law enforcement agents work together while serving the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, the Mountain Region Drug Task Force, and other regional law enforcement agencies. Since joining the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, K-9 Hacker has tracked criminals, located missing and endangered citizens, subdued fleeing felons, apprehended suspects, and helped find evidence related to various criminal enterprises.

A Note of Gratitude

From the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

On behalf of all of us at the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, we would like to extend an expression of sincere gratitude to the Randolph County Commission, as well as the countless citizens of Randolph County who have generously contributed to our K-9 Fund Drive. These donations amounted to more than half of the expenses required to bring K-9 Deputy Hacker to Randolph County. Thank you, Randolph County.