Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Sheriff

Home Confinement Program

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Since the West Virginia State Supreme Court of Appeals approved legislation for a Home Confinement Program to be implemented by the State of West Virginia, it has proven to be an effective solution for crime deterrence. Under the Home Incarceration Act, this alternative, cost-effective means of incarceration, rehabilitation, and public protection may be made available as an option for eligible offenders, such as those accused of nonviolent crimes, drug offenses, first-time offenders, and those charged with misdemeanors. Through this intervention strategy, the lives of the accused awaiting trial and convicted individuals have been improved while reducing the enormous burden of incarceration on county taxpayers.

Significant Benefits

Program Participants and Taxpayers

Program participants must pay a fee for their participation in the Home Confinement Program, enabling them to contribute to the local economy. The program helps defray operational expense for taxpayers and alleviates the enormous costs associated with imprisonment. In addition to financial benefits, program participants are afforded the opportunity to live at home under strictly monitored conditions instead of in a county-funded incarceration facility. This allows the individuals to maintain employment, take care of their duties and responsibilities to their families, and pursue a seamless transition as a productive member of society.