Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Robert R. Elbon, Jr., Sheriff

Concealed Weapons

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

West Virginia Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHLs)

Permit Application Process

Applicants may download and complete the relevant CHL permit application below. Applications are also available at the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. Submit your application in person (along with the required documents and payment) to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

Select Your Application:

1. Mandatory Provisional Concealed Handgun License

Residents aged 18-21 must obtain a CHL to legally carry a concealed firearm in West Virginia. Limited exceptions exist, such as service in the armed forces.

2. Optional Concealed Handgun License

Qualified citizens aged 21+ are not required to obtain a CHL to legally carry a concealed firearm in West Virginia, but may choose to do so.

Required Documents

Applicants must bring the following into our office:

  • Completed Application
  • Proof of Completion of Approved Handgun Safety or Training Course
  • Licensing Fee Payment
  • Current and Valid Driver’s License or State-issued Photo ID Showing Residency

A photograph will be taken for inclusion on your license card.

Submit your completed application/form in person to the Randolph County Sheriff at:


Wees Annex
32 Randolph Avenue
Suite 201
Elkins, WV 26241

Phone: (304) 636-2111

Fax: (304) 630-0467

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am – 4:30pm