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Alzheimer’s & Special Needs Support

Tracking System – Project Lifesaver®

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is a Project Lifesaver® member and participating law enforcement agency. Eligible family members and caregivers may enroll loved ones in this valuable lifesaving program. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an additional layer of protection is available to help locate and ensure the safe return of those who wander away from home.

1. Attach a Wearable Tracking Device

2. Track & Monitor Location 24/7

3. Get Alerted If & When They Leave

4. Find Lost Loved Ones FAST

5. Help Us Find Them & Bring Them Home

What is Project Lifesaver®?

Bringing Loved Ones Home

Project Lifesaver® is a program that includes wearable locating technology and components specifically designed to track and protect “at risk” individuals. This tracking system assists professional search and rescue personnel, law enforcement, firemen, rescuers, and caregivers with quickly locating those with cognitive disorders and other conditions that place their lives at risk due to wandering away from their home. Since 1999, the program has reduced search times from days to hours. With an average recovery time of 30 minutes, Project Lifesaver® has been credited throughout the world as a proven and effective method of “bringing loved ones home.”

How Does It Work?

An at-risk citizen enrolled in the Project Lifesaver® Program will be assigned a unique, individually programmed signaling device attached to the wrist or ankle. This device continuously transmits a signal by reliable radio technology. If the citizen cannot be located, the caregiver can notify the sheriff’s office and we will dispatch our trained emergency response team to the area and use the frequency transmitted to locate the individual. We are trained and well-qualified to safely approach the citizen and then return them to their home. Project Lifesaver provides caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved ones are protected in the event of elopement.

Perfect for Those At-risk of Getting Lost

Attach a Tracking Device to Them Before They Leave

Has a family member been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or a cognitive challenge? Does someone you love have special needs or a condition that could make it difficult for them to navigate back to the safety of the home? When someone we love has wandered away from the home, the situation is not only frightening, but dangerous and potentially life threatening. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is very common. Sadly, despite their best efforts law enforcement personnel do not always win in the race against time and the elements when someone gets lost. The best way to help us find them is to attach a tracking device to your loved one now – before they happen to leave and become lost.

Join Our Certified Search & Rescue Program

Sign Up a Loved One Today

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages eligible families to sign up for this tracking program. Our team has completed all training required for certification, including understanding and comprehending typical behaviors of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive conditions likely to benefit from this valuable lifesaving program.

Contact the Project Lifesaver® Team

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

Our Project Lifesaver® service is available in Randolph County, WV. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office can answer any questions you may have about enrolling a loved one in our Project Lifesaver® program. If you are ready to get started, please download and complete the application below. Contact a member of the Project Lifesaver® Team to get started.

Project Lifesaver® Team
Lieutenant R. Swisher
Sergeant B. Talkington
Corporal D. Pennington
Corporal B.W. Cogar

Call the Project Lifesaver® Team at (304) 636-2111.